Cardboard & Garbage
2011 - 16

Eukarya protrudes out as an abnormal growth, quickly catching the eye of those passing by.  Upon second glance Eukarya is easily determined as made of cardboard/garbage, and may be interpreted as a manmade tumor, nest, or "ManFungus" reminding us of our mounding garbage problem. In this case, garbage has taken on a life of its own, becoming a new invasive species of our creation. My inspiration for this project comes from all those whom deal with our waste: people gleaning landfills, downtown sorters, freegans, and e-waste disassemblers, but perhaps most importantly the fungus, bacteria, and protozoa that gladly take on our waste and begin its transformation into soil.

7 foot rebar tower, concrete, garbage

References time, production, and waste. Poses the question: Are we advanced?

Litter Mandalas

Allen Edmund, Men's Size 9
Plasticine Modeling Clay

This replica of my father's dress shoe speaks to his story of rising from a relatively poor childhood, to an upper middle class lifestyle.

Tricked Out Shopping Cart Recycling Machine

I welded two shopping carts into one, added a chrome can crusher, and made custom cast aluminum grips, bumpers, and rims. I then used the cart in a street performance, sorting out recyclables from public garbage receptacles while talking loudly on my cell phone about business, golf, and wife troubles.

Cast concrete toilet, 5 chrome faucets, water pump, moss

Garbage can, custom cast aluminum sewer lid, grass, tar, christmas lights