Artist Statement

In 2005, I began an artistic examination on waste, and consumerism. My process begins by exploring the underbelly of cities and suburbs. Dumpster diving, collecting objects, and taking photographs. I focus on specific features of affluence, and experiment with ways to use them symbolically. Cardboard coffee sleeves, cul-de-sacs, HUMMERs, Swiffers, discarded cell phones, abandoned shoes, etc. From this I create sculptures, performances, and multi-media installations, often working in collaborations. What began as a critique of my own lifestyle became a means for exploring my community, gaining a broader perspective, and contributing to an imperative dialogue.


Some Press

> Memoirs of a Garbologist blog by Lisa Kinoshita, Spaceworks Tacoma
> It brings a smile on faces, and a shine on shoes video by Elisa Jaffe, KOMO News
> Downright Trashy: Gabriel Brown Wallows in Filth article by Kristin Kendle, Weekly Volcano
> The Beggar in the Suit video by Colin Mulvaney, Spokesman Review



Gabriel Brown is a visual artist, garbologist, and shoe cobbler from the Pacific Northwest. As a visual artist, Brown has exhibited at the Northwest Museum of Art & Culture, Redline Art Center Denver, Korea National University of the Arts, and throughout community centers and street corners. As a garbologist, Brown studies garbage, hosts workshops, lectures, and enacts satirical street performances. As a cobbler, Brown took his very first job in a shoe repair shop at the age of 15. He slowly learned the skills of the trade, and continues the practice to this day. Brown holds a Master's Degree in Fine Art from Washington State University, and has taught visual arts courses at Washington State University, Kaplan University (online), and Seabury Middle School.


Since 2013, Gabriel has worked for Spaceworks Tacoma, a non-profit that provides training and support to artists and entrepreneurs. Through Spaceworks' Artscapes program, he operates the  950 Gallery, and has coordinated over 100 art installations, exhibits, and murals.